Ultrasound Units

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Globus MediSound 3000 Ultrasound

With a very complete panel of 49 pre-established therapeutic programs, and 30 programmable spaces on which all the parameters can be modified, the GLOBUS Medisound 3000 is an Ultrasound device of choice
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Nu-Tek Ultrasound Machine UT2200

This unique device allows for easy customization and contains abundant clinic programs, which contributes to quick and effective treatment. UltraRehab2 can be expanded with the battery module. And it is portable and delicate thanks to the innovative design.
R26 238,40 excluding shipping

Nu-Tek Therapy Trolley with Compartments

The Nu-Tek Therapy cart allows the user to easily transport the system from patient to patient within the clinic as well as store all necessary accessories, supplies and cards used for the various modalities of the system.
R13 687,30 excluding shipping

Chattanooga Intelect Mobile 2 Ultrasound Only

The Chattanooga Intelect Mobile 2 takes ultrasound therapy to the next level. The Intelect Mobile 2 Ultrasound offers dual frequency Ultrasound Therapy at 1 or 3 MHz.
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