Taping & Strapping Accessories

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Tensospray® Adhesive Protector

Designed for use before the application of pre-wrap, tape or elastic adhesive bandages.
R320,85 excluding shipping

Mueller Quick Drying Adherent Spray 296ml

Mueller Quick Drying Adherent will improve the stickiness of the skin and hence the performance of the sports tape. Adherent sprays are useful in the sports physio’s medical bag in situations where he or she feels the need to improve the adhesiveness of the sports tape being applied. In hot, moist, sweaty conditions zinc oxide tapes or elastic adhesive bandages may not stick as well as in dry conditions.
R299,00 excluding shipping

Leukotape® Remover

Leukotape Remover helps remove adhesive tapes and elastic adhesive bandages and prevents any adhesive residue from being left on the skin for your convenience.
R287,50 excluding shipping

Mueller Tape & Tuffner Remover Spray 285g

The citrus-scented formula removes pre-tape spray and adhesive particles from skin, countertops and taping benches.
R223,10 excluding shipping

Kinesio® Pro Scissors with Holster

A Perfect Cut Every Time! Kinesio Pro Scissors are specifically designed to be used with Kinesio Tape. Use Kinesio Pro Scissors to cut any length or configuration of Kinesio Tape with ease.
R1 215,55 excluding shipping

Dynamic Tape® Scissors

Teflon®-coated, nonstick scissors specially designed for Dynamic Tape
R844,00 excluding shipping

Heavy Duty Taping Scissors

If you are a professional using taping products on a regular basis, there really is no other choice. These scissors will allow you to cut the narrowest strips and perfectly rounded corners without fraying.
R802,70 excluding shipping

Mueller Athletic Tape Mcutter

M-Cutter Tape Cutter by Mueller is designed to swiftly and safely slice through athletic tape. This product is constructed of a stainless steel blade and snaps in and out for easy on and off application
R485,30 excluding shipping

Liquid Chalk Adhesive Sports Rolls On 80ml

The innovative tacky grip technology but with a roll-on application, ensuring that you get all the grip without any of the mess, or wastage.
R164,45 excluding shipping

Liquid Chalk Clear Tacky Gripping Solution 100ml

Liquid Chalk's Clear Tacky Gripping Solution is able to accomplish an extra strong grip without using wax-based products.
R164,45 excluding shipping

Ares Taping Scissors

Ares Kinesiology Taping Scissors are specialized for Kinesiology Taping Methods.
R655,50 excluding shipping