Hammers & Pinwheels

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Buck (Babinski) Neurological Hammer

The Buck (Babinski) Neurological Hammer is a multifunctional hammer designed to perform all reflex tests with less effort and greater patient comfort
R166,75 excluding shipping

Patella Hammer

The patella hammer is used by medical professionals to test tendon reflexes in order to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system.
R132,25 excluding shipping

Rabiner Percussion Hammer

The Rabiner Percussion Hammer is used to diagnose deep tendon reflexes and accurately elicits muscle stretch reflexes and superficial or cutaneous reflexes.
R132,25 excluding shipping

Metal Pinwheel

The neurological Pinwheel is an autoclave-safe neurological pinwheel that tests for nerve damage.
R402,50 excluding shipping

Disposable Pinwheel - Non Sterile

Plastic and disposable, it measures cutaneous sensory response via the rotating pinwheel that is attached to the handle.
R48,30 excluding shipping

Sensory Hand Evaluator Kit

The monofilament test provides a non-invasive evaluation with objective and repeatable results.
R2 596,70 R1 955,00 excluding shipping