First Aid Bag

First aid bags are portable kits that contains essential medical supplies and equipment for administering basic medical treatment in emergency situations. HiTech Therapy’s first aid bags contain specific items tailored to the needs of particular activities or environments, such as outdoor activities, sports events, or workplaces.

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d3 Sports First Aid Kit

The d3 Sports First Aid Kit is a comprehensive 66 piece First Aid Kit that comes with all the essentials you need to care for a range of first aid conditions. It comes complete with a range of items that include wound dressings, bandages, plasters, gauze, surgical gloves, an eye patch, a CPR device, a rescue foil blanket and so much more.
R562,35 R362,25 excluding shipping

d3 Sideline Bag

The d3 sideline pack will get any team off to a flying start and contains everything you will need to get players out there performing at their best.
R2 815,20 excluding shipping

Vulkan Grab Bag

Ideal for the individual sports person's kit bag on the field, in the home, or in the car.
R67,85 R46,00 excluding shipping