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Omron CompAIR Elite Compressor Nebuliser

A Compressor Nebuliser system converts liquid medication into a mist through the compressor. Air blasts at high velocity through a liquid medicine to turn it into an aerosol so it can be easily and more effectively inhaled through a mask or mouthpiece.
R2 076,90 R1 150,00 excluding shipping

Omron NE-C803 Compressor Nebuliser

OMRON CompAIR Basic C803 is the lightest and quietest OMRON compressor nebuliser for the treatment of lower airways respiratory diseases like light asthma. This nebuliser provides an excellent value for money for consumers who look for a basic compressor nebuliser.
R930,35 excluding shipping

Omron C101 Compressor Nebulizer

The Omron C101 Compressor Nebulizer is simple to use, and efficient, ensuring quick and reliable treatment for you and your loved ones.
R887,80 R862,50 excluding shipping

Omron C102 Compressor Nebulizer

The Omron C102 Compressor Nebulizer was developed in conjunction with respiratory therapists and can provide relief for different respiratory symptoms and diseases throughout the year.
R1 183,35 excluding shipping