Chiropractic Tables

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Portable Synergy Chiropractic Table

Ever needed to take your chiropractic practice with you wherever you go? The Synergy Portable Chiropractic Table is the perfect design for portability and function in a chiropractic drop table. Ideal for Chiropractic students or mobile chiropractors.
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Chiropractic Table Iron Series 280

Simple, yet effective. The Iron 280 Chiropractic Table provides chiropractors with simplicity of use. Constructed from heavy-duty steel to withstand daily use. This table is recommended for start-up practices looking for an affordable treatment table, good value for money, and essential features for chiropractic treatment.
R37 757,95 excluding shipping

Synergy-C 4 Drop Chiropractic Table

All you’ll ever need or want in a chiro table. The Synergy-C 4 Drop Chiropractic Table is our full house, packed with features beds, that will offer the chiropractor everything they require in a treatment bed.
R97 750,00 excluding shipping

Synergy-C Breakaway Chiropractic Table

Classic chiropractic features suit most practice requirements. The Synergy-C Breakaway Chiropractic Table was made with adjustments in mind, enabling the chiropractor to get all the essential treatment requirements met in a sturdy and reliable treatment table. With an accelerated pelvic drop and abdominal breakaway section, this table gives you the flexibility to meet the demands of a manual-focused clinician.
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Synergy-E Chiropractic Table Electric INCL 4 Drops

Provides professional chiropractors with the simplicity of use during the treatment of joint dysfunctions, especially those of the spinal column. The Synergy-E Chiropractic Table enables the chiropractor to meet all the essential treatment requirements in a sturdy and reliable treatment table.
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AirAFT Autoflex Imported Chiropractic Table

Do you want to be the chiropractor that stands out amongst your colleagues? Then this is the chiro table for you! Crisp, smooth and impressively fast. Equipped with the Hill Air-Drop System*, the AirAFT allows doctors to select one or up to four drops simultaneously from the convenient, side-mounted control panel.
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ELITE Chiropractic Flexion Tables

The name says it all – ELITE. Do you want to invest in a world-class chiropractic table, that is as smooth and good 20 years later as it is on day 1? Then an Elite bed is for you.
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