Barrels & Arcs

Pilates barrels and arcs are equipment used in Pilates exercises. Pilates barrels are curved and made of wood. They are used to enhance spinal flexibility and promote core strength. There are three types of Pilates barrels: the spine corrector barrel, the baby barrel, and the ladder barrel.

Pilates arcs are smaller curved equipment designed to provide support for the spine and improve flexibility. They are made of foam. They can help to relieve pressure on the spine while providing support and resistance for the body.

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Balanced Body Pilates Arc

The super-lightweight, space-saving design and economical pricing make this arc suitable for any workout space. Functioning as an exercise arc, classic spine corrector, and wedge for a reformer.
R4 510,30 excluding shipping

Balanced Body Clara Barrel Lite

The new Clara Step Barrel Lite packs in all of the same functionality as the original, but in a portable, lightweight training apparatus. The Clara Step Barrel Lite is economical in both cost and physical footprint. Also known as a Spine Corrector.
R3 047,50 excluding shipping

Baby Arc West Coast Style

Why is the Pilates Baby Arc™ a best–selling favourite? Because it’s a versatile, lightweight, low–cost arc that is perfect for group classes, personal training or home use!
R5 984,60 excluding shipping

Balanced Body Pilates Ladder Barrel

Complete your studio with a Balanced Body® Pilates Ladder Barrel for core strength and flexibility exercises.
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