Pilates reformers are exercise equipment consisting of a sliding platform – carriage, which is attached to a frame with springs and ropes to provide resistance. HiTech Therapy sells Balanced Body reformers, including the Allegro, Allegro 2, Rialto, IQ and many other reformers.

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Rialto™ Reformer

Innovative Design. Quality Craftsmanship. Powerful Performance. For over 40 years, Balanced Body Reformers have set the gold standard for design, craftsmanship and performance. Our new Rialto Reformer is on par with a unique metal/wood frame, a “ready-to-unpack and get-to-work attitude” and a value price.
R84 111,00 excluding shipping

Allegro® Reformer

The Allegro Reformer is the most widely used Reformer in the world. Primary features: ease of use, adjustability, versatility, and solid construction.
R85 330,00 excluding shipping

Allegro 2 Reformer

The Allegro 2 is the most intuitive, adjustable, easy-to-use Reformer on the market. Perfect for professional and home use.
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Balanced Body Metro IQ Reformer

The Balanced Body Metro IQ Reformer is the only telescoping Reformer that fits in a closet or under your bed.
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Balanced Body Studio Reformer

The smoothest, quietest ride on the market. Balanced Body’s Pilates Studio Reformer® sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship. With every edge sculpted and smooth, the Studio Reformer has sleek, clean lines-appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch.
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Balanced Body® Clinical Reformer

The Balanced Body Pilates Clinical Reformer® facilitates safe and rapid rehabilitation for orthopaedic, neurologic and chronic pain conditions. For 40 years, Balanced Body has worked with rehabilitation professionals to develop the features that make our Clinical Reformer® a versatile and practical rehabilitation tool.
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