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Synergy Balance Pad

Training on foam balance pads can improve balance, ankle stability, and strength. Use them to perform squats, lunges, push-ups, and one- or two-legged balance moves with comfort.
R362,25 excluding shipping

Synergy Balance Dome (Hedgehog) 16cm

The easiest way to improve your balance and coordination is with a Synergy Balance Dome Hedgehog. Exercise balance and coordination with this high-quality balance dome. Make your exercises more dynamic with balancing movements that effectively challenge the entire body and keep you fit. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY
R159,85 excluding shipping

Synergy Balance Air Cushion 30cm

A balance air cushion can be used in fitness training as the base for core, balance, and stretching exercises. It is also known to assist in classrooms with children that has ADHD or autism.
R320,85 excluding shipping

Synergy Balance Pad Square With Box

Enhance your balance and strength through destabilization using the Synergy Balance Pad. The flexible foam surface forces your core to engage, and your feet and ankle muscles to activate during exercise for better overall athletic performance and stability. The cushioned fitness pad can also be used for yoga, Pilates, or physical therapy.
R625,60 excluding shipping

Synergy Wobble Board (40cm)

The Synergy Wobble Board is designed to simulate the challenge of walking on uneven ground, enabling improved balance and proprioception. The Synergy Wobble Board is ideal for use in a wide range of facilities for various applications, including core strengthening and stability, ankle range of motion and flexibility, sensory-motor training, ankle/knee injury prevention and strengthening and closed kinetic chain exercises.
R388,70 excluding shipping

Airex Balance Pad

The AIREX Balance Pad combines both exercise and coordination skills. Widely used for rehabilitation and sports conditioning.
R1 630,70 excluding shipping